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Reload  - (iOS & Android)
Want to do a little target shooting?  Go competition shooting to test your skills.  Build nerves of steel in simulated hostage crisis drills.  Grab your big guns and practice your military shooting skills.  You\'ll have access to pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and much more.  All of your targets are made of paper, wood, and metal.  You will never point at a real human or animal target as you practice you skills.  The best part is that you can take Reload  with you anywhere in the palm of your hand with your Android device.  Reload is the ultimate target shooting game.  Available at GameStop on select Android Tablets.
  • 15+ Real-world weapons including fully licensed weapons from Remington and Magnum Research
  • 15+ scenarios custom-built for mobile phones.
  • 2-4 player hotseat multiplayer.  Up to 4 players can take turn on a single level on one phone to see who can get the highest score.
  • Fully support Open Feint, allowing integration with Facebook, online leaderboards, and achievements.
  • No human or animal targets!  Scenarios feature simulated paper bad guy targets.  

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - (Android)
The enemy has attacked, and it\'s time for some payback.  So gear up and bring your courage with you.  It\'s going to be a long battle, but your military training will see you through to the end.  Fight your way through 30+ action-packed levels ranging from your military base to the mountains and forests, and beyond.  Keep your head down and use your big guns to dominate, knock out, and eliminate the enemy.  Available in the Android store and at GameStop on select Android tablets. 
  • 30+ level across a variety of environments for you to explore and know out enemies.
  • Ranks and achievements allow you to upgrade your soldier to dominate the enemy.
  • Fast-paced, arcade action in the palm of your hand on Android phones and tablets.
  • Multiple touch screen control methods to support many different Android devices.

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