Hunting season is open, in a big way. Lock and load without the blinds, decoys, or endless tracking... just hours or pure shooting fun. 

Deer Drive

Take down the best trophy deer while avoiding dangerous predators.  Invite your friends for simultaneous play in Deer Drive\'s competitive party modes.  Earn power-up items and boost your potential, or make things difficult for the competition!

Deer Drive is easy to learn, but hard to master, hunting fun suitable for shooters of all skill levels.


  • The original arcade-style multiplayer hunting game for the Wii!
  • Shoot at deer, moose, bear, ducks, rabbit, squirrel, plus other animals and targets
  • Explore over 30 different stages
  • Earn and use tons of beneficial and competitive power-up items
  • Hunting Party mode for 2 to 4 players                    

Deer Drive is ©SCS Software, Published by Mastiff under license from Game Solutions and Services, Inc.

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